Awesome Mid Century Modern Interior Design


Mid century modern interior design often takes keys to the architecture of the house. Ranch style homes often have inherently mid-century design appearances due to their clean lines and simple form.  Paint the walls a light neutral color, and expose the brick fireplace surrounds and hearth walls as it is. Mid-century style uses neutral walls and floors to make furniture, art and accessories shine. If you must replace flooring, use wood with neutral carpets in the living areas, slate tiles at the entrance, and linoleum in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Then, equip the rooms with smooth leather furniture. With long legs to maintain the mid century modern interior design style, open space feeling. Then, add kidney-shaped coffee tables and cylindrical auxiliary tables. Install modern, geometric lamps in the hourglass, sputniks, balloons and flying saucers. Invest in mid-century classic seats, such as curved plywood chairs in the style of Eames. Choose furniture with clean lines, and avoid excessive ornamentation.

Also add accessories in the mid century modern interior design color palette of chocolate brown, light blue, lime green and orange. Sunburst clocks, sputnik accent lamps and sculptural objects in the form of amoeba add authenticity to the decoration. Geometric paintings in the style of Mondrian and abstract pop art on the walls harmonize the mid-century interior decoration.


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