Beautiful Colors That Go with Gray


Colors that go with gray walls and carpets provide a sophisticated neutral palette for decorating your room. It is a blank canvas that will look beautiful with many different colors. Pale gray walls will complement almost any dominant color you choose for your furniture. It can look elegant and contemporary or it can also be an effective background instrument for traditional and shabby-chic interiors.

White offers a clean and fresh look when paired with colors that go with gray. Create a quiet bedroom, with soft white sheets and a black and white duvet printed on your bed. White upholstered furniture in your living room can lend a formal, contemporary shabby chic style or a function of your choice of furniture and the color of your setting. White trim will suit all decoration styles, while black trim should be reserved for a contemporary room. Add an amazing burst of your favorite color in your room touches of turquoise, orange, yellow, blue, purple or green with pillows, textiles and art.

The warm shades of red furniture will add beautiful contrast with its colors that go with gray walls and rugs. Use bright red as your primary color to provide a striking contemporary decoration. Accents of black and white pillows printed in bold and chairs adds sophisticated style. A deep burgundy shade will create a classic design and can you combine well with bluish green. Introduce additional shades of red with pillows and rugs. A monochromatic palette can be rich and attractive. Pale ivory and decorative silver accessories will add interest to your interior.


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