Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Countertops Ideas


Reclaimed wood countertops  – Recycling reduces the waste generated by human beings and is something you can do in your own home. Start with your kitchen, where the waste tends to gather. Old foods, newspapers, milk cartons, egg cartons and other items that are used every week are easily recyclable. Your counters serve as a constant reminder that you should recycle those items. Use the countertop recycling options and encourage other family members to start recycling.

Add reclaimed wood countertops to your home made of recyclable materials. You will feel better about your small contribution to the environment. And that you can encourage them to recycle other materials as well. Manufacturers are turning old light bulbs, ceramic pieces and even glass bottles into glass countertops that are perfect for your kitchen. Marble and recycled plastic countertops are also available and companies are even making reclaimed wood counters. If you want to make your own counters, consider the possibility of concrete counters.

Make a right reclaimed wood countertops station on your kitchen countertop. A small sheet of cardboard placed above the counters, offers the perfect space to hang small trash bins. Write in each container, with a black marker, to identify what goes inside each container, such as plastic or glass. Use wire baskets or wicker baskets under the board, for newspapers and magazines, which can also be recycled.


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