Cool Colour Combination for Living Room


There are many emails and comments that we receive where you ask us how to decorate or choose colour combination for living room . And although we love that you write and ask us, we can not attend to you in the best possible way. Without seeing what your room is like, see the furniture, the accessories, without knowing your tastes, without seeing the lighting and other important factors in the decoration, it is impossible to advise you correctly.

It is one of my options to paint your favorite house, it is safe, easy and it looks very good. Sometimes we are afraid to paint everything with a lot of colour combination for living room, but doing it with a neutral tone and then adding color to a single wall is not so scary, is it? Here is the beautiful house of one of my readers who helped him in his adventure with color a couple of weeks ago.

I fell in love with its big windows and the natural light in your house is really beautiful. She asked me to help her a little with colour combination for living room, we decided on something cozy and warm since she is trying to survive the cold in Germany. Tangerine for the dining room and a soft yellow for the living room will bring a lot of joy to your cold days, do not you think?


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