Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas in a Bathroom


Glass tile backsplash ideas protect your walls from water damage that can result from spray from the sink and shower. Glass tiles come in a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes and finishes and can be used to supplement almost any kind of decor and design. For an unexpected bathroom backsplash choose heat sensitive tiles. The tiles are designed to change the color temperature so they will look different when you touch them or with the heat from the sink, shower or hot light.

The best glass tile backsplash ideas in a bathroom. If the design of your bathroom needs a pick me-up, you can use a mosaic pattern using different colored tiles that are particularly effective in a bathroom that uses multiple colors in the overall design because backsplash can bind together the different elements of the room. You can also create a picture or render a work of art so your backsplash becomes the focal point of the room. When planning a mosaic pattern, use the millimeter paper to put out the design first, so each square represents an individual tile.

If you want to create an artistic and unexpected look for your bathroom backsplash, use shaped tiles. Instead of choosing typical square tiles, look for options in circles or asymmetric shapes that are designed to fit together. You can find glass tile backsplash ideas that have a small rounding to the front surface so that the wall has extra texture and depth. With non-square tiles, you can design a custom backsplash that doubles as a work of art in your bathroom in addition to protecting the walls.


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