Good Idea above Ground Pool Landscaping


Above ground pool landscaping are excellent places to cool off and enjoy the warm weather. Instead of approaching your pool on the ground as a convenient monstrosity, make it a part of your landscape. Above ground pool landscaping provide a great way to combat the summer heat. However, landscaping around them can be difficult. Safety, utility and beauty are the three main problems homeowners must consider before they dig or plant. Before starting a landscape project, locate all underground public services that can circulate through or near the designated project area.

Build a raised platform to surround a pool above the ground. Cedar or redwood covers remain cool during the summer and do not need to be painted or dyed. Other options for good idea above ground pool landscaping. Washed sand of the type used in playgrounds is attractive, soft and low maintenance. Edge with plastic or wood deviation table, and rake the sand to smooth it.

Plants for good idea above ground pool landscaping. Avoid poisonous pointy plants or near the edge of the pool. Maintenance-free succulents are an excellent choice for landscape plants. There are many creative solutions for the landscape around elevated pools. Remember to plan first, second floor and enjoy your time in the sun.


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