Height of Dining Room Table Centerpieces


Dining room table centerpieces – While common dimensions are reported in the furniture industry, the right height for a dining table is often a matter of taste and preferences. Some homeowners may prefer a table of traditional height and others might seek an informal counter table. Small dining rooms are best served by a cozy pub table. Whatever choice, the right table and chair height is important to get the comfort

Standard Tables

The standard height measurement under dining room table centerpieces is 30 inches. To ensure that they are sitting at the table is comfortable; the seat in the dining room chair should be 10 to 12 inches below the table height. This means that a standard dining chair measures between 18 to 20 inches high from the floor to the seat.

Bench Height

Of course there are other choices when it comes to furnishing a dining area. Homeowners who prefer a less formal approach can choose a disk height dining table. It is also possible to buy dining sets that combine casual counter height with classical style. A counter height table measures 36 inches, compared to the standard 30-inch table. Consumers who are tall to the plant may prefer a table with these larger dimensions. A counter height chair usually comes from 24 to 26 inches high. If the dining room is limited, dining room table centerpieces can be a good choice. A pub table is higher than the standard bench height table and offers a more informal dinner choice than traditional tables. Pub tables stand 40 inches high and usually boast a slightly smaller table surface. A chair or stool height of about 30 inches is customary for the pub table.


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