High End Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


High end kitchen cabinet designs result in attractive and expensive home improvements. In addition to providing storage space, elegant cabinets can provide an extra artistic and or architectural touch for a room. From faux stained glass bathroom cabinets to column kitchen furniture, the pieces are versatile enough to fit any style. When it comes to choosing a cabinet design, remember that glass insert cabinets work best as top cabinets. Glass tends to be too delicate to use with low cabinets.

Many basic cabinets have simple shapes carved into the wooden door, such as a long rectangle or a high arch. However, high end kitchen cabinets use much more intricate door sculptures, frames and or moldings. The attention to detail gives the cabinets its attractive appearance and high price range.Try pale oak cabinets with 4-inch-thick, cast-carved pieces move through the bottom for a luxurious design. Add, edge-move, rectangular panel embedded in the middle of each door. Use doors of dark maple cabinets with thick vines carved around the edge and a bouquet of roses in the middle of a romantic design.

Carved glass cupboard doors consist of a natural wood frame with assorted transparent glass panels. Metal ensures the glass panels for a style of stained glass and wood assures them by a country house style. Use rich maple high end kitchen cabinets with glass panels shaped square metal-insured, diamond and an elegant style. Combine bright black cabinets with square glass panels secured in a black wooden grid pattern for a modern style.


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