Ideas Black and White Bathroom Floor Tiles


Black and white bathroom floor tiles tones are almost always synonymous with elegance, sophistication and an elegant appearance in general. Use the black and white subway tiles to create designs for a modern bathroom, whether they incorporate specific shapes or install patterns randomly. Subway tiles come in basic rectangles, as well as squares and octagons.

Create octagon shapes black and white bathroom floor tiles subway. Make large white octagons with a background of black tiles or large black octagons with white backgrounds. To do this, on walls with other walls that offer only solid white or black tiles opposed with orientation. Create numerous small octagons all one or more walls in symmetrical patterns or more random designs. Choose to create octagons in only the corners or as spaces between the wall. Because this shape will require some creative tile flooring, use octagon shapes if you are going for more than one aspect of tile, tile or use already in octagon form.

Install black and white bathroom floor tiles, create a row of white tiles followed by a row of black tiles until the entire wall is lined with stripes. Start with the tile of different color when you start the next wall to create more texture and diversity, or follow the same striped pattern of the first wall for a more uniform appearance. Extend row patterns to the tub or shower area; Follow either the same pattern as the walls or start with the tile of different color. Choose to further extend the row pattern in the bathroom vanity if the device will consider the treatment.


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