Ideas How to Distress Furniture with Paint


How to distress furniture with paint – Spray painting furniture is a cheap way to quickly change the appearance of several pieces in your home that no longer match the look you are trying to create with the design of your room. The aerosol paint of a piece of furniture safely and effectively requires a certain degree of preparation and planning to obtain the best results.

How to distress furniture with paint; clean the furniture in the background, removing all dirt and debris. If the item of furniture you want to paint has a flake paint finish or some other type of coating that spray paint will not adhere to, you will need to use sandpaper to remove it.

How to distress furniture with paint, Place the furniture in a drop cloth outside your home. If you do not have a location available, you will have to paint in a well-ventilated area and take frequent breaks. Purchase primer spray and spray paint designed specifically for the surface you want to paint. For example, if you are painting a wooden table, the paint should be made by wood. Put on your safety equipment, and shake the spray can for the recommended time. Apply the spray primer to the furniture as evenly as possible. Allow the primer to dry.


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