Warm and Comfort Living Room Carpet Ideas


The living room carpet ideas provide warmth and comfort to any space and are an ideal solution to muffle the sound, thermally isolate the environment and dress it gracefully. In addition, they visually help to define different environments within a single space.  A very large carpet can make a space look smaller. A too small that does not keep the proportions with space and / or furniture will also be strange. The best, measure before. How?

Use a tape measure to take measurements of the room. Before buying, taking into account the space occupied by the doors when they are open. Keep in mind that if the carpet is too thick, it could affect the correct opening of the door. The layout of the lounge furniture, especially the seats, will define what the living room carpet ideas should look like. If the sofa and chairs are placed against a wall, it is a good idea to put the front legs of the seats on the carpet.

On the other hand, if the composition of seats is in the center of the room, it is advisable to choose a larger model so that, as in the photo, all the elements are on the carpet. If you do not find the exact size of the living room carpet ideas you are looking for, it is preferable that you choose a piece of larger dimensions than the other way around.


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